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Willlocationbasedmobile advertising become a factor in 2011?

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Will location based mobile advertising become a factor in 2011?

The strength of mobile marketing is that it can target people anywhere, anytime. Because of this, advertisers can push their products while people are out and about actually living their lives. This still sounds like a one-way process though because it is only the consumer sending information. But what if the feed went both ways and the consumer received information on where the consumer was at that exact moment? Well this is something that already goes on and in 2011, is something we are likely to see much more of.



Location-based advertising involves content providers receiving data that gives the location of a consumer. This can be done in a number of different ways but the most common would be to use smartphone or social networking applications, such as Facebook Places, that allow users to digitally update their location and share it online.




Advertisers could then use this information to send content that is specific to that location. This may mean they only send content to people who are in certain areas or alternatively, they adapt their content accordingly. The result is content that is much more relevant and an advertising experience that is far more immersive.




There is much research out there to show that consumers are far more likely to claim discounts on goods when they don’t have to travel. Or at least, don’t have to travel far. Of course the distance consumers are willing to travel depends on the price of the goods and the size of the discount but the point is that when consumers are given promotional information about sales in their area, they are far more likely to respond.




Not only does it make consumers more responsive, location based advertising can also be an invaluable tool in event promotion. Recently, the Red Bull Air Show made use of the location-based social networking service, Whrrl, to create a society that smart phone users could sign up for. Once they had joined, members would gain access to exclusive benefits, ticket offers and event information that added significantly to the experience had by air race attendees.




Looking to the future, the possibilities for location-based advertising are only going to grow. As more and more people sign up to Facebook places as well as other location-based apps, the opportunities for advertisers are ever expanding. As the pool of consumers they can tap into grows, so to will the impact that location based advertising have upon the mobile marketing industry.





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