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5 Tops Shows You Should Watch – Studying In China

by anonymous

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When you are studying Chinese one of the best and, interestingly enough, free ways to learning Chinese is by watching TV. Within different TV shows foreigners can pick up on culture, traditions, and the ideas floating around China at the time thus giving insight into the country. Furthermore one will pick up new phrases, and enhance tremendously listening skills. Like in every country however, not all foreign students will find every Chinese shows appetizing. For example channels such as CCTV 9 tend to focus on propaganda war dramas and screechy soap operas. Therefore below are a list of 5 good series that will offer a good teaching method for oversea students learning the language.


1) Rent a Girlfriend 租个女友回家过年

Rent a Girlfriend is a series that is based on exactly that- Rent a girlfriend to take her home for the New Year. Within Chinese society the pressure to get married and have kids once a certain age has been reached is huge. Therefore Rent a Girlfriend is a lighthearted romantic comedy which addresses some of these social pressures.


2) Take Me Out 我们约会吧

This is a good show which will allow you to focus on daily language. The show imitates western shows where 18 women interrogate one man and decide whether or not he is Mr. Right. What adds to the appeal is that the show often features foreign contestants whom have already learned the language and thus brings an interesting mix with the programme.


3) Blossoming Flowers 花儿朵朵

This show is also directly imitated from the west, in this case American Idol. The set up is the same in that contestants compete and votes send text messages to decide the best act. This show is recommend as it introduces you to songs which you can later download and learn. It is true that if you want to immersed yourself in any culture, you have to learn their music.


4) Rural Love Story 乡村爱情故事3

The Rural Love Story is a comedy series casting some of the most famous actors and actresses within China. The story is of life within the countryside of Northeast China and gives you large insight within countryside mentality and customs.


5) Red Cradle 红色摇篮

When you are studying in China, be prepared for an onslaught of WWII Red Army dramas. These dramas come across to most westerns as simply terribly constructed, exaggerated clips of propaganda footages. However once in a while you will come across an actual good one. The Red Cradle is interesting as it is more accurate to historical events and tells the story of Mao Zedong’s early years, when the Communist party was at its most idealistic. Red Cradle also touches on subjects which were previously taboo in China, notably Mao Zedong’s struggles during the revolutionary period against an international communist party which wanted to protect Soviet interests in China.


This list of shows and programmes can provide an interesting, fun, and effective way of teaching yourself Chinese. When you are studying in China, it is not only important to attend class, study, and remain social by interacting with locals, it is also equally important to watch TV and view the things actual Chinese people are viewing.

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