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Let us know about the Cosmetic Dentistry procedure of Porcel

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I recently had a friend sulking that she called up a Cosmetic dentistry clinic in New York for getting a crown fitted. Much to her surprise, they told her that she could get an appointment after three weeks of waiting. This reflects the trend in New York where a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile is flaunted as a prized accessory. Most cosmetic dentistry NYC clinics are flooded with patients who wish to correct their smiles with the help of advanced dental procedures.


Porcelain crowns are one of the commonest types of dental alternatives offered by a cosmetic dentist to those with broken or weak teeth. Let us find more about these versatile and durable crowns,


Uses of a Porcelain crown –


  • 1 Crowns are used in the dental implants for an effective cover for the titanium root of the implant making the look of the prosthetic teeth complete.
  • 2 In endodontic treatments such as root canal therapy that is cleansed and filled in order to prevent future invasion by the bacteria. The tooth might become weaker and brittle compared to its neighbors and needs restoration with the help of a crown.
  • 3 Porcelain crown is also favored when one wants to improve the aesthetics of the teeth in cases of chipped or broken teeth and black lines around the gum.
  • 4 In case a tooth is removed and a bridge is made on the adjoining teeth and a porcelain crown is used to cap the bridge.


Process of fixing porcelain crown –


The original structure of the teeth is highly altered in order to fix a crown, however a Cosmetic Dentistry NYC professional evaluates if the current tooth condition really requires a crown. There is more than one appointment required in order to finish the dental of fitting a porcelain crown. The color of these porcelain crowns is easily matched with patient’s teeth to deliver aesthetically appealing results.


Advantages of Porcelain Crowns 


There are many advantages of having porcelain crowns, these may include-


  • · 1. They provide protection for a vulnerable tooth or teeth that have weakened over time and restore their functions.
  • · 2. They provide aesthetics to an individual’s smile and reinstate the original tooth structure.
  • · 3. They provide a safer alternative to metal or amalgamated crowns that may have an ingredient of mercury that could be harmful eventually.


Cosmetic Dentistry NYC professional helps to create beautiful smiles and restore the functions of the teeth, visit for more information on these services.

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