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Making Your Home and Office Bug-Free

by jorgekeely

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I remember James Bond films are the ones which hooked me watching on television when I was younger. The first thing he does when he enters a new place is to check whether surveillance equipment is installed.  

During those days, bugging devices (Afluisterapparatuur in Dutch) and other spy gadgets are only allowed for government use specifically in law enforcement agencies. Nowadays, it can be used for other purposes and it is very common among companies. Competitors are bugged so that company secrets and strategies will be revealed. This way, they can get ahead with their business. 

A lot of people are bugged and they don’t have any idea they are being monitored. There are signs which will tell you if there is a video or audio bug installed in your home or office: 

  • The volume of your telephone has been altered.
  • The other company seems to know your business even if they shouldn’t.
  • It seems that a burglar has entered yet nothing was stolen.
  • There have been changes in the electrical outlets.
  • Door locks have been corrupted.
  • There are static sounds in the phone line.

 When these signs are present, there is a big chance that you’re bugged or a spy security camera (Camerabeveiligingin Dutch) has been installed. To make sure about your observations, you can find them using a bug detector. Aside from checking the type of bug installed, another important issue is to know who is behind it. Don’t stay in the dark – sweep the bugs before they take over your business and your life.


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