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Be Original, Be Unique

by kunwarpal

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People still believe that Google bots don’t have filters for duplicate content. People still copying and stealing content from other sites. But copying articles and content from other’s site or blog is not helpful in getting high page rank. Google has filters to keep an eye on duplicate content, whether you believe or you don’t but this is true.  

Here is a test that you can do to find out whether Google has a filter or not. You just need to put a unique an original article on your blog or site. After a week search the same content and you might find more than thousands of results for the same content. Just wait for a month and search again for the same content. You will definitely find a dramatic decrease in results. This is a clear indicator of Google filters for duplicate contents. Google is so advanced that no one can make a fool out of it.  

Writing original content is always in your favor. Stealing might seem to be easier than writing an article but it’s not true. You have to look at hundreds of sites to find out original content then you try to spin and steal the article. Writing 400-500 word articles is not that difficult. If you want to win the race then stealing will not work for you and you have to write original, unique and valuable content for your website. Yes, it takes time and efforts but this hard work will pay you in future by keeping your page rank high on the list.  

You will be thinking that if you put efforts in writing your original content and someone steal it then your efforts will be in vain. Remember one thing, you have posted the original content first and Google will take care of this. Google bots will filter all the other duplicate contents and you will be always on a better side. You can search on Google for your content and you will find that many people steal content from your site but you’ll find your rank above all other sites who have copied your content.  Unique content is always beneficial for your website.  

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