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Surveillance system gears safety in your hand

by lorenzostpierre

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These days as you enter any shopping malls, parking garages, office buildings and financial institutions you will find a note saying this building is under strict video surveillance (Overvågningskamera in Danish) .the other day it just made me smiled at one note saying “Give a smile you are on camera” . For protection and prevention of expensive losses caused by higher crime rates, all these buildings mentioned above normally use video-based surveillance gear.


Such systems are not something new and they were there when 9/11 took place do doesn’t that leave honest people wondering why there is an escalating number of crimes worldwide? Well the answer here is that even these gears has their limitations, they can’t scan everything at the same time. But you ask any private investigator who must be dealing cases from all his area , and it would tell you how these gears and the use of sophisticated equipment and great investigative work have amazingly solved so many doubts related to the case .


Gears as hidden camera (skjult kamera in Danish) are very useful when there is a situation of suspicion and you are looking for the right time to catch it. if not everything but could definitely reach you to certain evidence and clues which you would have never been able to furnish without any camera installed.

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