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Best scientifically designed aerators.

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Considering the fact that aeration is the essence of good farming practice without which the talk of productivity is meaningless, if you are a commercial farmer, you have to go for the best scientifically designed aerators that are available in the market. The problem of a poor farmland or turf starts with compaction. The compacted soil squeezes all the water and air out of its system. So, the first attack you need to launch is against the soil. This attack is in three different axes. You need to condition the soil in the physical, biological and chemical planes. On the physical plane, you will have to change the structure by removing hardpan and introducing porosity. It is here that a well designed aerator can turn the farmland around and make it productive. Compaction can reduce your land’s yield by as much as 50% and even more. Compaction also stresses the plants. Your efficient aerator can dig a furrow as deep as 7” and even deeper, thereby introducing porosity. When you water your land, the water moves into the soil with ease sucking in the air along with it right up to the roots of the plants.

Soil aerators are successful in attacking the soil on the biological and chemical fronts as well. Once the aerators are applied to the soil, the bacteria and fungi and algae are all neutralized by the efficient turning over. On the chemical front also, you can achieve a supportive pH value in your farmland with the help of well-designed aerators. Manure runoff and farm runoff are harmful in terms of wastage of costly resources as well as in their contribution towards environmental pollution and degradation. With the help of an efficient aeration system you can keep a check of these runoffs.

There are professional manufacturers of all kinds of agricultural machinery that includes tractor aerators and soil aerators besides aerators for the turf, such as the lawn plug aerator. The tractor aerator is an indispensable piece of machinery for your farmland and you must procure aerators that have well-designed tines that are capable of shattering and lifting compacted soil. The lawn plug aerators have tines that are hollow and cores and plug that can be pulled out.

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