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RightNow Email Response Management - Deflect calls

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A rich, online customer experience solution for customers to research, purchase products, or resolve issues from any device from smartphones to the desktop is the key to customer satisfaction. Customer service excellence can increase conversation, lower service cost and enabling a business to retain and attract more customers.

Rightnow Email Response Management automatically sends responses to e-mail inquiries. Nowadays, email communication is a major means of communication between business and customers. A quick response to customer mails can help the business to retain and attract customers. If communicated in the right way, it is one of the most effective means to engage customers, answer questions and resolve issues. E-mail response packages in Rightnow ensure that it provides consistent yet personalized service to each and every customer.

Business Challenges

  • Email gets trapped in a web, preventing communication across channels and escalation
  • Delay in response leads to customer frustration
  • Auto response and email deflection mechanisms are absent
  • Email response are not supported by the links of relevant web content

RightNow E-mail Response Management solution will help your business to overcome all the above issues. Rightnow SmartAssistant scans email content and suggests possible answers, allowing customers to find answers without ever having to submit an email. With email response management software, your agents can easily answer common questions with just one click by leveraging answers in the knowledge base ‘giving customers’ consistent, relevant answers.

Rightnow Email response management incident management software is all about efficiency enabling you to track every email in the system, and receive alerts if responses don’t happen within your specified timeframes. Plus, with automatic attribute-based routing you can set email follow-up based on agent skill sets, customer history, and other parameters.

Rightnow Email Response Management has the below advantages:

  • ‘Reduce service representatives’ workloads.
  • Answer frequent, routine inquiries automatically.
  • Show special attention to customers with personal e-mail responses.

Rightnow Email Response Management assists agents in responding to new or unique issues by automatically suggesting possible answers based on the content of each customer inquiry. Agent productivity is increased with access to standard response templates and access to the knowledge base.


Email Response Management is a powerful application that is essential for the growth of any organization. Rightnow is committed to success of our client email marketing effort and our Email Deliverability group; make sure your message is received. RightNow CX Email Response Management solution provides capabilities to respond to emails in time and at the same time ensure optimum quality. Customers have the option of searching for right answers on the web, route mails to the apt agent; escalate emotional emails, track status and seamless transfer to other channels including chat or phone. Moreover, it helps your business to respond to customer quickly and accurately lets you to streamline support and breathe easier enabling your business to capture everything customers need to tell you. Increase customer satisfaction and save processing time by providing agent with complete customer interaction history will give a superior customer experiences by your business.

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