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For Beautiful Frames For Paintings

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For the best of frames you need to search for the right kind of warehouse, a warehouse where you can get quality at a reasonable price when compared to other warehouses. It’s really very vexing when you do a big shopping for boxes of stretcher frame and stretcher strips in various sizes only to find that you could have got these of better quality and at discounted rates too. The truth is that quality need not always come at a price. You can now visit a warehouse where you can buy 5/8”stretcher bars and 5/8”cross braces besides 5/8”full boxes with great savings! Similarly you can order ¾”stretcher bars and ¾”cross braces to make up your requirement of stretcher frame and also ¾”full boxes again with savings. So not only do you get the best of products but you pick up healthy discounts as well. For instance if you shop for $1000, you can get 5% discount for boxes. The discounts keep rising till for shopping of up to $7000. You can also avail of a hefty 40% discount! There are terms for 50% discount as well!

You can rest assured of the quality. The warehouse guarantees lowest prices and best quality. The stretchers for your stretcher frame are all dimensionally stable. This makes sure that all the wood that you buy whether bars or stretcher strips, are all going to remain straight and not warp, twist or bow. The stretcher bars come in different sizes such as medium (standard) duty and light duty bars. There are medium/heavy duty bars and heavy duty midi bars besides the super heavy duty bars. Only sap free and kiln dried wood is used for all bars and stretcher strips. These are all cut with precision machines and the best of modern equipment that is available in order to ensure the right standards. The strips are molded with the use of modern machines in order to ensure the smoothest and tightest of fits. Finally you get the best of prices with high quality and discounts as well. The coast to coast shipping terms are attractive and in your favor.

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