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How To Avoid Quick Discharge Of Semen During Sex Naturally?

by paytonpolking

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Discharge of semen is a natural episode in sexual intercourse or outer course. It is the climax of the sexual process under which a man is aroused sufficiently to have an erect penis which can enter a vagina, a rectum or a mouth. The process culminates with ejaculation. If a person experiences orgasm and discharges semen just after sexual penetration; it is quick discharge of semen or premature ejaculation. There is no consensus on the definition of premature ejaculation, and while International Society for Sexual Medicine admits ejaculation within one minute as premature, the International Classification of Diseases considers ejaculation within 15 seconds after the start of intercourse as premature.

Some men opine they have no control over ejaculation, while a few others have contrary idea. There are many theories regarding causes of quick discharge of semen during sex. However, excessive masturbation, anxiety of performance, an oedipal conflict, passive aggressiveness, too much sex, and too little sex are the possible causes of premature ejaculation. Experts suspect genetic link to this disorder. The ejaculatory control is exercised by nucleus paragigantocellularis part of brain. Hence, there is also a biological aspect to this disorder.

Many men try to treat premature ejaculation by themselves, and effectively too. They try to distract themselves from the stimuli at the time of intercourse. Also, they employ penetrate and withdraw trick to last longer. However, the efficacy of these tricks is doubtful. One can use Lawax capsule and Musli Kaunch capsule to treat early ejaculation. Both these capsules are herbal preparations containing natural herbs as their constituents that have high medicinal values. These capsule can very effectively treat the problem quick discharge by enhancing blood circulation in the entire body including male genitals, strengthening body muscles, and increasing strength and stamina.

The herbs used to prepare these capsules reduce tension and stress, energizes the penile nerves, strengthens pelvic muscles, repair the genital cells, and prolong sex duration. They increase the bio-energy level of the body which incapacitates a man to withhold ejaculation for longer duration. A person using Lawax and Musli Kaunch capsules is energized to prevent early ejaculation. They reduce mental tension and stress, and strengthen mental faculties. Both psychological as well as psychological aspects of the disorder are taken care of by these capsules. Each capsule two in number taken twice daily provide the best results so far as quick discharge of semen during sexual intercourse is concerned.

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