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How to Get Perfect CMS Solution?

by anonymous

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These days PSD to wordpress, Joomla and Drupal template/theme conversion are considered the most preferred CMS solution. PSD designs based on files require to be converted as it is not friendly on the web. Therefore, it is essential to convert PSD to Joomla, or HTML or Drupal to make the web portal look alive.

Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal are the most recognized content management systems. Based on these systems you can effortlessly create easily-managed and fully functional websites without any significant financial cost. In this article, we will compare all three systems so that you can take into account the features which are more likely to interest you for the usage of the templates.

Word Press

PSD to Wordpress is quite common. Thousands of samples are created for the wordpress and many of which are of high quality. This management system has been designed in such a manner that it quite easy to convert the HTML template. Most Wordpress patterns are simply based on the common PHP functions so study of so-called patterns language must not cause any kind of difficulty. There are several articles on how to develop a Wordpress template. One can even use online generator to create them. Or else just download the ready-made templates to a separate directory and then select a favorite on in admin panel.


There are several PSD to Joomla services. The template converter services let you to convert PSD to Joomla. They offer a basic template but what’s worth mentioning is the use of distinct modules. The modules are amalgamated into a position which can be added in right places of the template. Modules may be linked to the specific pages and displayed in a wide variety of ways all through the pages. Sometimes, one can build a striking page by simply turning off the component working there and putting in modules instead.

Keep in mind that the Joomla 1.0x do not support templates. However, it features a type of general template which allows creation of quite complicated site structure on basis of PHP, but the individual elements may be changed only by the use of the CSS. Also, the use of Content Templater allows you to create templates for the articles and manage their own appearance effectively.



PSD to Drupal is commonly used as content management systems. The real strength of Drupal is its Template Engine. This particular component of Drupal is well developed. Even a fresh PHP programmer can work with it. On whole, PSD to Drupal provides wide variety of opportunities to manage the themes. Additionally, if you are quite familiar enough with PHP and HTML you may simply covert PSD to HTML.

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