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Your remodeling projects are incomplete without Tekon®

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Right when you are on the verge of ending your remodeling project, there is a special time of feeling that arises in our mind.  It seems like that something is coming to an end after such a long time.  There are some steps you can follow to make the job of maintaining your new space simpler.


All your new surfaces from new floors to cabinets, countertops, sinks and fixtures can benefit from a coating of Tekon®’s protective surface sealers.  Architectural materials all have microscopic pores that collect contaminates such as water, dust, oil, salt, mildew and bacteria.  Over time your surfaces corrode, oxidize and stain, which provides a breeding ground for bacteria and destroys the new look of the material.  Once these contaminates penetrate the pores of the surface, they are difficult to remove.  When everyday household cleaning products are used, the harsh chemicals they contain enlarge the surfaces’ pores even further.  This continuously damages your surfaces making them old, worn and greatly diminishing their original luster.  Tekon® manufactures eco-friendly, powerfully effective surface sealers that will protect your surfaces from hard water mineral deposits, water, oil, dust and grime.  Natural stone is beautiful and requires a stone impregnator to help maintain its beauty.  When deciding on a stone impregnator, you want a stone product that will allow your stone to breathe, protect the color from fading, protect the stone from absorbing stains.  Tekon®’s Stone Sealer A is pH neutral and excellent for protecting porous stones like granite, marble and travertine and helping to keep their brand new look easily.  Tekon®’s topical sealants are excellent for keeping granite, wood, porcelain, grout metal and plastic looking brand new.  After your surfaces have been sealed and protected, maintenance is simple with Repellant Wash®.  Repellant Wash® is a unique formula that cleans, protects and shines.  Just spray and wipe down your surfaces once a week with Repellant Wash® and a microfiber Tek towel and your new space will sparkle and shine, looking Better Than New®.


Be gentle on your new surfaces with cleaners that effectively clean without stripping your surfaces of its shine but rather enhances and adds to the shine without buildup.


Whether it’s your countertops, appliances, cabinets, sinks and fixtures, windows, tubs and toilets, let Tekon®’s protective surface sealers help you maintain your home or business.


Tekon®’s protective surface sealers will make your surfaces stain resistant, residue-free, more hygienic, preserve the natural finish, reduce the appearance of fingerprints, reduce maintenance time, ultimate protection against oxidation, etching and hard water mineral deposits.  Tekon® improves the quality of your life with eco-friendly products that are safe for your environment, family, children and pets.


Tekon® treated surfaces stay cleaner longer, reducing maintenance cost and effort by more than 50%.


With Tekon® cleaners and sealers, you can create a clean safe environment for your home or business without toxic and hazardous chemicals.




  1. The average American family uses 25 gallons of “TOXIC” chemicals per year in their home.


  1. The cumulative effects of these chemicals are linked to Asthma, ADD, Autism, Allergies, Birth Defects, Cancer and more.



  1. The EPA estimates that indoor air can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air.


  1. 90 percent of all accidental poisonings occur in the home.  More than 7 million cases each year, which the majority of is the consumption of household cleaners by young children.


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