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How and Why: About Kopi Luwak

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As we know, coffee is one of the most consume products in the world. You can go to the biggest city in the world and also the smallest city and you might also still find coffee in those places. Knowing about the possibilities of the existence of coffee in every single part of the world, we might be going to think about what is the most expensive product of the coffee itself. If you are a coffee addict, you might have been heard about the most expensive coffee in the world. Yes, it is best kopi Luwak. Luwak? Yes, it is a kind of animals which lives in Borneo, an island inside Indonesia.

Not to mention, it is the Luwak which makes the best kopi Luwakhaving the highest prices. This is as a result of us waiting for the Luwak eating the coffee and throwing the coffee through its veses. This might be really disgusting to be imagined. However, you should know that the coffee which has been eaten by the Luwak had been fermented and turn out to be best kopi Luwak. It evens has the same taste with coffee which has been fermented in 3 to 5 years!

Since best kopi Luwakis made through an extreme process, it is really good and safe to be consumed. The percentage of the caffeine is even lower than the common coffee. The best kopi Luwak, for your information, is only able to be produced in a very limited amount and this makes the best kopi Luwak is rare to be seen and have to be ordered in a high price. Therefore, if you are interested to taste this best kopi Luwak, you can have it from online shop in internet. Happy trying a new thing for your own good, dudes!

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