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How to Spot a Well Made Suit

by johnfloyed

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A well-crafted suit is not only a style statement. Some say it’s the sort of thing that can help determine your success in the corporate jungle, and whether or not you manage to stay with your job during an era of commonplace layoffs. Whatever it is, whether true of an individual or not, impeccably cut suits certainly make an impression. Suits should be considered as investment pieces. They can be likened to how we shop for a vehicle. We do our research and homework before purchasing a new car and that also should apply to shopping for a suit. The particulars of a suit make all the difference.

The most significant part of a high-quality suit is a jacket that has a full canvas layer in between the fabric and lining. Inferior suits have a lining that is glued to the fabric. A more reasonably priced alternative is half-canvas, where the suit maker only uses a layer in the more noticeable top portion of the jacket. Full canvas, however is best. It conforms better to the body even after many wears. Pinch the layers of fabric between the button holes and if you sense three layers, then it is full canvas, two layers means it is half canvas and one layer indicates the lining is glued or fused.

Check under the collar of the jacket for a felt lining. This will make the jacket suitable as outerwear when it is chilly and it also helps the suit retain its shape around the neck. The jacket ought to hug your shoulders well, shoulder pads should not stick out and you should be able to button the jacket with sufficient room for a fist to fit between the button and your chest. With your fingers cupped, you must be able to touch the tip of your shirt sleeves. Preferably the jacket sleeves will only show between a quarter inch and half an inch of your shirt cuffs. The bottom of your suit jacket should end at the same height as your knuckles if your arms were hanging by your side.
Also examine the tags and labels for the thread count. The most favorable thread count is a super 100 to 120. The higher the number denotes a finer yarn, making it more durable but soft and silky.

Buttons also give away a quality suit. They should not be made of plastic. Look for tortoise shell or enamel buttons instead. The slacks legs should have an inner lining that goes at least to the knee, which will make the pants last longer. When it comes to length, trouser hems should meet the heel of the shoe in the back, and rest on the third lace hole in the front.
After all has been said and done, the most key element of a high-quality suit is the tailoring skill. This could make all the difference. Look for slightly older tailors, as there is no substitute for year of experience when it comes to tailoring of this quality.

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