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Different types of faux finishes

by mike460

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Faux finishes has been a trend for a long time and has been immensely used in our homes and offices. The look that faux painting depicts is beyond our imagination. All one requires is, to be aware about how they can use it to make the place more beautiful and above all matches with the current theme. In this article we will be listing down a few popular faux finishes that are used extensively these days,

Marble effect: One of the most popular and commonly preferred finishes is marble effect. A combination of darker and lighter shade of the same color yields great results. This finish will be attained by detailing the base coat with the help of feathers and brushes. Marble effect is one such choice in faux finishes that can never go wrong for the wall decors and be any size of room, it just make sure that it fit well.

Sponging: Well one can say that this truly depicts the modern art of wall. This gives you the freedom to use colors and colors for your wall. In this faux wall finishes after the base coat is applied and allowed to dry, sponge is dipped in complimentary colors and used to make patterns. A pattern with such technique is extremely popular in creative homes and offices.

Distressing: This kind of faux finishes are normally used on furniture to give an antique look. First a later or enamel layer is applied and then before it dries off, a second layer of complimentary color is applied. Due to the difference in drying time, the base coat dries off and creates cracks for the top layer and thus achieving the look.

Strie: This faux wall finish helps in attaining a linen kind of look and feel on the wall. It is a negative glaze technique that helps in creating a subtle texture on the wall. It gives a sophisticated and sober look on the wall yet with a difference.

Plaster: Used extensively at places that wish to have old age look. First paint and plaster are used in Venetian, Tuscan or Southwestern plaster; then these are glazed to create rustic, sophisticated or historic effects.

Stencil: This kind of finish is used to create patterns on the wall using paper cut stencils. A first coat is applied and once it dries off the pattern is created using the stencil pattern. Quite used in kids theme based rooms.

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