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5 essential pointers for cancer patients combating hair loss

by tapehair

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Cancer is a devastating experience in more ways than one. For instance, you must be aware of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which is used to treat this disease. As a result of these treatments, the hair follicles of cancer patients are affected, which results in loss of their mane.
This loss differs on different dosage and variants of drugs taken. Sometimes, the effects are so severe that as a result, the patients have to forego total hair loss (which can sometimes be permanent as well). This further adds to the whole trauma – on one side they are battling the disease and on the other side, they are combating loss of their tresses.
Moreover, even if the hair does begin to reappear, the quality will be often be deteriorated for many patients.  So, what are the possible solutions for this? Let us find out by going through the pointers given below:

  1. Buy some stylish headwear: There are numerous headwear available on the market, which are especially designed for cancer patients. A cancer headwear is especially made up of soft materials, which don’t affect their sensitive scalps adversely. This way, they can choose from various hats, scarves, turbans and much more in different sizes and wear them indoors and outdoors with panache. A great and stylish idea indeed!
  2. Invest in some wigs: There are numerous online stores, which apart from selling discount hair care products, also provide wigs in various shapes, sizes and color. There are many varieties of wigs available for both males and females. These are a great option for those who want instant remedy for permanent hair loss. Owing to the latest technology, these wigs are made extremely comfortable, just like the headwear mentioned above and do not irritate the scalps and feel just like their natural crowning glory when the patients wear them.
  3. Try out extensions: If the cancer patients’ natural locks have simply thinned down owing to radiation or chemotherapy, then they can also opt for human hair extensions clip in. These extensions are easy to wear and remove and allow them to flaunt thick looking manes. For instance, they can buy clip for hair extensions or tape in hair extensions, in different colors and sizes depending upon their requirements.
  4. Do not use harsh chemicals: Post cancer-treatment, the patients must take care not to expose any part of their scalp to harsh chemicals. What they must do is invest in high quality shampoos and other products to wash their tresses and maintain its luster. There are plenty of such shampoos available online, which they can opt for and that too at discounted rates.
  5. Say no to excessive treatments: Since after the treatment, the scalp of cancer patients become extremely sensitive and prone to damage easily. This is the reason why they should not experiment much with their tresses such as coloring, styling, hair straightening etc.

To Conclude
These are some of the alternatives for cancer patients to try out when they are combating hair loss. If you too have some more suggestions regarding the same, do let us know through your comments.

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