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Rising Demand for Samsung Mobile Phones

by anonymous

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We have been observing the rising dominance of Android mobile phones particularly Samsung’s the high-end Android market. Samsung mobile phone sales are going from strength to strength. The demand for Samsung’s mobile phones especially android devices is increasing impressively. According to the research, demand for Samsung’s smart phones has reached new highs.


Samsung Mobiles are the best mobile phones in the world. These mobile phones are usually introduced for the teen-agers and business professional peoples. Samsung became the largest mobile phone maker in the United States and 2nd largest mobile phone maker in the World after Nokia. Samsung mobile phones also provide the best brand with cheap mobile rates. Samsung galaxy is determined to do what it has always been promising and delivering. Samsung galaxy has made strong footholds in the mobile market. The very first Samsung galaxy prototype was released in 2010. South Koreans introduced Samsung Galaxy series to compete with Apple’s i-phone at a time when there was  no other cell phone manufacturer to introduce something which could challenge i-phone.


Samsung shipped at least 60 million smart phones in the last quarter of 2012.Samsung has sold more than 100 million Galaxy S series handsets since the range launched with the original Galaxy S in May 2010. Most of the world’s top network facilitators are severely promoting Samsung and receiving huge numbers of preorders that are ever recorded in the history. Samsung has kicked off a massive advertising campaign and set up mini stores at Best Buy locations to promote the phone due to overwhelming global demand of Samsung mobile phones. The new Smartphone features a touch screen that detects when a user's finger is hovering over the screen to display additional preview information, as well as technology that automatically pauses the videos if a user looks away from the screen. It also includes new features like accessories for the phone will include scales and a heart-rate monitor from Samsung as well as a blood pressure and blood sugar monitor from other companies. If someone shows you their Android phone, it’s probably a Samsung. That goes a long way to building brand image, and leading people to try their series of mobile phones. People are going to be impressed with Smart Stay, the eye-tracking feature that keeps the display on while you’re looking at the phone. That will probably demo very well in a retail environment and get people interested in the phone.


There are many reasons for Samsung’s success but one of the underappreciated ones is their willingness to launch their new products at a rapid pace without fear of diluting their brand. South Korea’s largest company typically releases fewer products each year and prefers to enforce a certain uniformity of user experience across its product lines. Samsung, on the other hand, has made its name by cranking out smart phones of vastly different sizes. Samsung mobile features are unique as compared to other bands of mobiles in Pakistan. Samsung mobile prices in Pakistan are very reasonable as compared to other mobile prices in Pakistan and also have a great quality and work efficiently. Samsung mobile prices in Pakistan is almost same in all cities of Pakistan relative to other mobile prices in Pakistan.

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