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Plan a Trip around Hong Kong’s Year Round Celebrations

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Hong Kong flights – flights that will get you to see and enjoy a city that literally throbs with a 24 hour lifestyle. It is a fascinating city, and has a vast and colorful array of activities and entertainment to offer the tourist. Whether it is a cultural celebration, festivals, sports, shopping or dining, Hong Kong loves to party. It hosts events all year round, and literally is like a city that never sleeps.

  • The Chinese New Year - This is a colorful spectacle which celebrates traditions thousands of years old, side by side with cosmopolitan events.
  • Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival - This carnival involves fierce boat racing in the city’s harbor. While the contestants vie desperately to win, the cheering crowd watching on land celebrates with a Beer Fest, live entertainment and non-stop music.
  • Hong Kong Four Festivals in one Season - Held during spring, this festival also dates back to old traditions. Thousands of incense sticks are burnt. Hundreds of performers take part. It is four festivals of timeless culture of Hong Kong celebrated during spring.
  • Mid-Autumn Festival - The Mid-Autumn festival is an ancient Chinese harvest festival. During this time one can see fiery dancing dragons and glowing lanterns lighting up the streets under a bright full moon.
  • Winterfest - The Hong Kong Winterfest celebrates Christmas. During this time, western traditions overlap with the eastern love of gaiety. The city is beautifully decorated and one gets to enjoy carol singing, winter sales, the  X’mas Village, with all restaurants serving up delicious holiday menus.

Hiking and other outdoor activities are on offer for those who love to explore the outdoors.

Hong Kong is a modern city with European buildings rubbing shoulders with skyscrapers. While there are the traditionalists lighting incense sticks to Bodhisattvas, others are traded on the Stock Exchange. It is a true picture of European Colonial history working side by side with Chinese heritage. All you need to do is book yourself on one of the Hong Kong flights easily found online.  All major airlines include the Hong Kong sector in their flight schedules. If you are looking for a good bargain, making a booking which includes hotel booking and car rental will help. Also if you book well in advance there are a good few special rates available on air fares.  Whether you want to travel in summer, spring, autumn or winter, Hong Kong has something exciting to offer visitors with its year round calendar of events.

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