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Finding the Advantages of Cake PHP Web Development

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In 2005, a Polish developer a Polish programmer Michal Tatarynowicz used PHP to write a minimal version of a rapid web application development framework. Next year, the framework was launched under the MIT license as CakePHP version 1.0. Within a very short span of time, the platform became hugely popular among web application developers across the world. Along with using a set of widely used software engineering concepts, the latest version of CakePHP also comes with a set of features that helps developers in building a wide variety of websites, web applications, shopping carts and content management systems.php application development, hire php programmers, php web development services

As an open source development framework, CakePHP complements the requirements and budget of all types of businesses. At the same time, it also complements the web 2.0 requirements by supporting model-view-controller, better file management, content and theme management, and comments and RSS feeds. Further, the developers can build robust applications at a rapid pace using software tools, templates, customized field, and multiple language options. If you are looking for an innovative yet open source framework to build robust PHP applications, CakePHP is the best choice.

Top 6 Advantages of CakePHP Development

1. Innovative Features: Most programmers, nowadays, use several technologies to optimize the performance and scalability of the web applications. Along with HTML forms and JavaScript, the new websites are also built using advanced technologies like web services and AJAX. Along with being dynamic and fast in terms of writing PHP syntax, CakePHP also allows developers to view helpers for AJAX. Also, the framework offers a flexible access control list (ACL) to make caching more flexible.

2. Built-in Validation Feature: The built-in validation feature is a key feature of rapid web development frameworks. As the programmers have to put a huge amount of time and efforts to incorporate validation functionality into the web application, they often look for a platform that offers built-in validation feature. CakePHP is designed with a set of built-in validation features that can complement the needs of all websites and web application. Further, the features can be used in a simple yet efficient way. The programmers also have option to include multiple validation rules for a single file.

3. Model-View-Control Model: While developing complex websites and web applications, developers separate the business logic from the data presentation. So the MVC frameworks are hugely popular among developers who are planning to connect to various data sources through queries. Once the query connects to the database, the data are saved in a hassle-free way. By supporting the MVC pattern, CakePHP makes it easier for programmers to process the data through controllers, while presenting the content through views.

4. Code Reusability: Many developers use prewritten code to reduce the project cycle. CakePHP allows you to use your code for multiple projects. However, you must choose the prewritten code according to the requirements of the specific project. Along with saving your time, the feature also enables you to avoid dealing with complex codes. Instead of spending time in writing code, you can use your energy and creativity to optimize the look and feel of the web application.

5. File Managers: Each website needs to be designed with fresh and impressive content to keep the visitors engaged. Along with choosing innovative features for the web application, you also need to explore option to provide the latest and most relevant information to the users. Therefore, you have to opt for a framework that allows you to easily manage content, themes and features. Along with customized templates and fields, CakePHP also come with a brilliant file manager. You can simply use the file managers to manage a variety of content and files. The option further enables you to optimize the look and feel of the website without putting any extra time.

6. Facilitates Test-Driven Development: The agile methodologies have completely transformed the way web applications are developed and tested. Nowadays, many businesses opt for test-driven development to reduce project cost and timeframe. So unit testing and system integration testing have become key elements of PHP application development strategy. CakePHP is designed with features to support both unit testing and web testing. So each module can be tested immediately without requiring any additional automated testing tools.

On the whole, CakePHP allows developers to pick from a wide range of features, tools and templates according to the specific requirements of a project. Also, they have option to avail the assistance of a large community of developers to write complex code without extending the project development time.

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