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Buy Authentic Cohiba Cuban cigar

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Cuban cigars are amongst the most well-known cigars in the whole world. They hit all the right notes when it comes to flavor as well as aroma and numerous cigar lovers think of them as their favorites.

The Cuban’s quality is praised all over the world. One of the best Cuban cigar brands is cohiba.

The Cohiba brand of cigars, launched in 1968, is considered as one of the finest brands in the world manufacturing some of the premium cigars from the premium tobacco. The name originated from the Taino (pre-Columbian population of the Bahamas) word meaning tobacco and true to the word, these are only tobacco. The Tobacco utilized in Cohiba cigars is from the Vuelta Abajo area of Cuba, which has undergone an added fermentation procedure, unique to Cohiba which provides them that soft and unique flavor.

The brand was launched, and so the story goes, when a guard to Fidel Castro shared a few of his personal, un-banded cigars prepared by Eduardo Ribera. Castro liked them a lot and because of his liking, he found the man responsible for them, got a group of rollers and set up the El Laguitol unit to make cohiba Cuban cigar, spurred on by the killing attempts, totally for Fidel Castro and other sophisticated officials. The brand wasn't out for the public till 1982. When they were out for the public, they comprised just 3 vitolas the Panetela, the Corona Especial, and the Lancero, however in 1989 another three were added; the Robusto, the Esplendido and the Exquisito. These 6 vitolas are now famous as Cohiba’s Línea Clásica (classic line). In 1992 the 5 sizes of La Linea 1492 were declared, Siglo (meaning century) I, II, III, IV and V, these cigars are at present some of the premium and most famous ones offered. All of these are hand rolled, excluding the 2 cigarillo sizes that they make; the Mini and the Club.

The latest addition to the Cohiba series is the Piramides Extra. The most remarkable Habano brand exclusively revealed the latest Cohiba Pirámides Extra, in the 14th Habano Festival in Feb 2012. This is the 1st figurado that is currently here to stay in the brand’s Linea Clasica niche.

The Piramides Extra features up-to-the-minute security measures on the band and on the latest tube. The latest band features a huge amount of holographic elements, both which can be seen as well as unseen, for strict safety.

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