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How to Wear a Maxi Dress if you are Short/Petite

by GCGmeonline

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Often those who are more on the shorter side or have a petite figure tend to stay away from the maxi dress out of fear, thinking that pulling off this look is impossible. I am here to tell you that it is a lie. It is possible to look amazing in a maxi dress even if you aren’t a tall as a supermodel.


Choose a petite clothing line


There are many clothing brands that offer a petite clothing line which will have the right length and shape for you body type. Choosing a petite size will get rid of the length problem and give you a nicer fit.


When in doubt accessorise


If the dress is still a bit too long for comfort, try using a belt to raise the extra length. Not only does it help the length, it looks stunning too.


From the bottom up


Sometimes it’s good just to skip all the unnecessary sorting, an easier option is to look at the length before you pick up the dress. If you’re out shopping in your favourite store, looks at the rack and find a dress that has a shorter length. Clothes in store are usually hung at the same height so you can look for a dress more easily this way.


Wear heels or wedges


To give the illusion of extra height, wear some high-heels under the flowing material. If you don’t to wear super tall heels, you can wear wedge heels which will still give the look that you are taller.


Get a tailor of DIY


It’s quite easy to get a tailor to raise the length a bit as long as the dress doesn’t have a complicated hem (ruffles etc.) Another way is to raise the hem line yourself, a bit quick of DIY and you have a shorter skirt of your dress.


Opt for a maxi skirt


Another option is choose a maxi skirt, you can fold up the up the waistline until you find the right length. The great thing about maxi skirts is that they can be converted into a maxi dress too if you belt it at the waist. Two looks in one outfit. This works whether you’re shopping for <a href="">maxi dresses online</a> or shopping at your local retailer.


Why not leave a trail?

If you’re planning to laze by the pool, then the extra length is no matter. Simply pick up the lengthy material when you walk. The dress still looks great and so do you.


These are just a few ways to look great in a maxi dress, so don’t be fearful due to height. Take pride and strut your stuff in a maxi dress. Who said maxi dresses were just for the taller people?


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