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Pneumatic Conveying System: get its different types

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Our nation is flooded with different types of industries that produces and manufactures important products for consumers and retailers. You can come across many materials on the market that is needed in the manufacturing industries. Today, Pneumatic conveying system has higher demand in the market as it has many benefits for the individuals. It is basically a method in which the dry powdered materials are conveyed in the pipeline and the air is passed in it without any moving parts. If you have such industries that require some important raw materials, you must choose an appropriate supplier and manufacturer dealing with the same.

Work as a conveyer

It works as a conveyer and deals with the process of conveying materials such as granules, powder, pallets, etc. The size of each granule and powder is nearly equal to microns. As compared to any other conventional conveying system, it has a great benefit. It has basically four basic components. These are:

  • Prime moves are the device that is used in developing force to the motion of particles.
  • Deeding devices are another important ingredient used in this system to feed the material or the product in the piping.
  • You will also require a long line piping that carries materials from the starting point to its destination.
  • Air separator as well as filter bag is another important material supplied by pneumatic conveying system exporter.

Types of Pneumatic conveying

  • Pressure Conveying
  • Vacuum conveying

In the short distance conveying system, vacuum type of conveying is used. Here, the blowers are used as a prime mover which is once again in a process to produce the motive force.  

Long distance conveying system

Pressure type conveyer is popularly used in the long distance conveying system. Here, the compressor is used for the prime mover where the air is compressed to create the pressure inside the piping.  Since they are used in long distance conveying system, you will get only one inlet to feed the material.  There are even sub types in each type of conveying as stated above.  One of the most commonly used material for transportation purpose is known as dilute phase conveying. In this process, a high amount of material is used. You can now find a variety of pneumatic conveying system India. Material used in dilute phase conveying system has a high velocity with the system with air suspension.

Dense phase conveying system

In this type of conveying system, a particular product is transported with the help of a lift. Sometimes suspension is also used in transporting this product. Here the air velocity is reduced to a greater extend. Due to reduction in velocity, larger particles cannot sustain lift. Thus, they tend to fall from the suspension to the bottom of the pipe.  This is also associated with the use of a technical term. Saltation Velocity is the technical term used over here.  Small amount of material is moved with a high velocity. You can get more variations of conveying system after visiting the official website.

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