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Pheromone releasing perfumes to attract men

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Pursuing men and wanting them to want you is purely an animalistic urge. Just like a female lioness pursues her mate in the same manner women pursue men to ensnare the fittest of the species. Perfumes to attract men have been scientifically proven aphrodisiac that helps women to make a man of their choice fall irrevocably in love with them. The power that a perfume gives to a female is much more than the seductive scent. Perfumes are a euphemism for sexual magnetism; perfumes help our body release pheromones that are chemical compounds that help to incite a sexual response from our mating partners.

Let us learn the various perfumes that are associated with pheromone

  • Marilyn Mignon pheromone Spray: You can add bath products with this spray which will make it an ideal perfume gift sets for your lady love. This perfume has been selling like a hot piece of cake since its introduction in the market. This item never lasts in the shelf of retail stores for very long because of its attractive smell. The smell of jasmine is intoxicating to males and this perfume has been made with the essential scent of Jasmine. For those of you familiar with the smell of jasmine you know exactly how it affects the male population. Jasmine oils are used by masseur all over the world; they are rubbed at the back of your spine for sexual stimulation.


  • Paris Hilton scent with pheromone mix: The musky fragrance that these perfumes release stimulates and maximizes the power of pheromones. Perfumes to attract men are made with a lot of effort because the correct measure and mix of different fragrances will entice the man of your dreams. Only some scents complement each other like the scents present in this nectar (musk, jasmine, peach and oak moss) entwine with each other superbly. If you wear this perfume you are bound to attract the attention of several males.


  • Pherazone for women: This is one of the best pheromone perfumes present for women and gays. These perfumes to attract men make a perfect perfume gift sets for your spouse or for a female friend in need of some help. This scent is so seductive that any male who comes in contact with you will think of nothing else but infernal thoughts. The passionate scent you smell when you wear it is amazingly potent. So any male with an active libido will find you desirable and attractive. This is one the most effective perfumes present in the market today and it comes highly recommended by renowned female celebrities.

Perfume gift sets can be given to both men and women. You can present one of the perfumes listed above to your lady love on her birthday or Valentine’s Day. You will be pleasantly surprised by the measure of attractiveness these scents will wrap your lady in. It will surely escalate your testosterone level all thanks to a perfume!

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