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Solve 'An error occurred during directory enumera

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'dir' is a command that allows viewing all the files and directories of a Windows hard drive existing in the current or parent directories. However, on occasions when computer cannot read data from hard drive, it cannot retrieve the directory information as well, thereby resulting in the failure of 'dir' command. Such events generally indicate hard drive corruption, which can be tackled efficiently using suitable Hard Drive Recovery methods.

To be more specific, consider the below error message and then proceed to the methods that can help in solving these problems. The below error can occur when trying to run 'dir' command from Windows Recovery console:

“An error occurred during directory enumeration”

You cannot view the expected list of files and folders on the hard disk as Windows finds it unfeasible to read from hard drive. Most of such issues occur because hard drive has failed or is corrupted.

Tips to Solve

You can try fixing this problem by running chkdsk command with /r switch, i.e. chkdsk /r command. This can correct most of the hard drive corruption problems.

At times, running chkdsk may not work. Unexpectedly, you may get an error indicating that the affected volume contains a few problems that it cannot recover. Such problems indicate that chkdsk is unable to resolve serious corruption of hard drive. In such cases, you can run exclusive tools that test and fix these failures.

As the last resort, you should erase the entire hard drive. Hard drive formatting deletes the entire data store, but the content of files and folders remain intact on the hard drive and only the related entries get deleted. Using hard drive recovery software, you can restore all the deleted information safely, in case you do not find any backup to restore.

Hard drive recovery software are exclusive products that are designed to scan logically crashed hard drive - corrupted or reformatted - and restore the deleted data to a secure location. Moreover, these utilities have interactive user-interface for easy operation.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a powerful utility that recovers and restores lost files, folders, and partitions from Windows based computers. This Hard Drive Data Recovery tool is designed to work with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000. With advanced features, like RAW file recovery, disk cloning, and disk imaging, the software is simple to use, and has an interactive user interface.

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