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Tips on Insect Control for the Typical Springfield Landscape

by geraldinestanley

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A well-designed yard landscaping can be the crowning glory that sets your home apart from the thousands of others in Missouri's third largest city. However, design alone is seldom enough; you'll likely have tiny, pesky insects to consider. Many insects can potentially damage your lawn, rendering it unappealing if left alone. Here are some tips on ensuring that these pests don't ruin your excellent landscape in Springfield, MO.

Beating Fire Ants

These insects are particularly aggressive, and will crawl on and keep biting you until you get it off your skin. What's more, they will undoubtedly attack you the moment you accidentally step on and crush one of their mounds. They can also ruin your yard or lawn with the mounds and tunnels that they bore to the ground for a home. Use a water soluble insecticide if you want to kill them off and leave the plants in your yard free from damage.

Eliminate Insect Food Sources

Trash will attract a plethora of insects into your yard. Therefore, keep any trash bin or bag away from the area, because the pests that make their way to them will likely wreak havoc on your yard. This is a great benefit of something as simple as maintaining a hygienic and clean yard area.

Use Mulch Sparingly

Mulch is another way to invite multiple species of unwanted insects into your well-landscaped yard. Essentially, mulch is composed of decaying bark, leaves or compost placed around vegetation to enrich the soil. If you have to apply some, try using some insect-repellent materials like cedar bark to discourage the insects from making their way into your yard.

Call for Professional Aid

If there are already a lot of pesky insects hopping or crawling their way through your beloved landscape, call up professional Springfield landscape contractors to get rid of them immediately. Thankfully, there are many landscaping companies that you can hire for insect control services as well. In hiring them, you get a one-two punch in ensuring that your landscaping remains safe and attractive.

Beautifying your landscape should be more than just sprucing it up, but should also involve taking care of it so pests won't render all the hard work you've put in back to nothing. For more information, check out

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