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The Cloud Technology—Useful but not Perfect!

by anonymous

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The Cloud technology is relatively the newest place to store data. The cloud technology is developing now at a rapid pace and is becoming better and better and getting more and more popular among computer users. The experts suggest that this technology will grow further and will become essential as currently the USB flash drive is. The cloud technology is quite useful for the middle-size and large scale firms, however, nothing comes up perfectly. The cloud technology has also various disadvantages and can be injurious to your data.

Cloud technology is like keeping your confidential files in a locker that is situated in the office of your friend. So, the questions that arise would be; who accesses your office would be able to access the locker? How strong is the locking system of that locker? How would you know that the claims your friend is making about that locker’s security are not exaggerated? To make sure that your data remain confidential that is saved in the cloud, you must use security software that enables you to store Lock Files on the server. Your data is just a username and password away from getting breached.

These cloud servers also have some of the technical issues. There can be some situations where even the respectable companies who are offering the space to save your data on the server could not make you to access your data. This situation in the layman term is called ‘link down’.  When the server’ link is down, you just cannot enter your data until and unless that issue is resolved. All in all, the cloud technology is quite useful for the computer users. However, this technology has to be improved by leaps and bounds to get perfect. As the data security is one of the biggest issues for the computer users, that is why, the companies offering this service need to make their security measures foolproof.

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