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Top 10 Laptops

by torrado

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Top 10 Laptops

There are just too many laptops of different brands these days and it can be overwhelming choosing one of them, but trust me once you know what you’re looking for in a laptop then it’ll be extremely easy to decide. If you have no knowledge about computer hardware then you should start with that because that is all you need to know before choosing the best laptop for you. The best laptop is that has amazing processing speed,is ultra sleek and portable, most importantly long battery timing and laptop prices in Pakistan or the country where you live.Considering all these qualities here is the list of the best laptops of the year 2013.

  1.     Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon:Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is absolute sensation in the world of technology. It has strong performance and a long lasting battery. The sleek and professional design and amazing hardware packaging makes it the best laptop of 2013.
  2.     Dell XPS 12: It is an ultimate laptop table hybrid. It has a RAM of 8 GB. It supports 1080p and has a core i7 processor. Its 12.5 inches screen that spins as well make it a tablet.Dell Laptop features are unique as compared to other banded laptops in Pakistan.
  3.      Apple Mac Book Pro 13-inch: The Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (Retina Display) is the best way to carry the pixels of a large-screen monitor with you on the road. It's ideal for people who make their living with visuals. It hasHigh-resolution Retina display. It includes two Thunderbolt ports, standard 8GB of memory and good battery life.
  4.       Asus Zen Book Prime: Zen Book by Prime is an ultra portable machine with 7 hours of battery if full charged and has an Intel’s i7 processor. It is long lasting and ultra light laptop. It provides a superb display and angles.
  5.       Apple Mac Book Air 13-inch: Equipped with a fourth-generation Intel Core i5 processor, the latest MacBook Air 13-inch shows decent performance. That is its 15 hours of battery life that blows away the competition. These features make it one of the best laptop of 2013 among all laptops in Pakistan.
  6.       Acer C7 Chrome Book: The new version of the Acer C7 Chrome book is faster, longer lasting, and better all around. All this and its low priceas compared to other laptop prices in Pakistan, make it the best inexpensive Chrome book on the market. It has more RAM for better and zippier performance and a big 320GB hard drive.
  7.       Asus VivoBookS200:  It is one of the best laptop of 2013 because of its qualities such as fancy touch screen. Its price is also low. You will never get a laptop with such great specs in such a low price. It is one of the best laptops for windows 8.
  8.       Dell Latitude 6430u:With its slick design, excellent keyboard, and great battery life, the Dell Latitude 6430u is an easy choice for those who want productivity for work without having to settle for a drab, utilitarian business ultra-book.
  9.       Toshiba Satellite: It also made its place in the best laptops as it has an Intel’s latest i7 processor. It also has an AMD Radon HD 7670M graphics chipset.
  10.   Razer Blade: The portable 14-inch Razer Blade has an Intel Has well processor, Intel Core i7 processor,  Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics and more than 6 hours of battery life.





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