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Our Brilliant Web Design Company : Why you need the best...

These days the internet is stuffed to the gills with website's that are in direct competition with you. In order to succeed and run a successful business it is not enough anymore just to have a website, you need to have the best website, and it needs to be at the top of Google.

Neither of these things happen by chance, why risk the future of your company by allowing yourself not to be the best. We build the best websites and get them to the top.

What will it cost me?

If you are looking for a price the best thing to do is to give us a quick call and ask for a quote. The reason that we dont have a set price list is that each job is different, some require more work and others take less time. For that reason we treat each job separately and you dont get charged more than you should.

We have a reputation for going above and beyond in order to get your website set up and working correctly, we will help you with each stage of the process from choosing a domain name, and web hosting, to configuring your DNS, and helping you to set up your email.

When do I pay & how long does it all take?

To build your website takes on average between a few days to 5 or 6 weeks for a more complicated project. We put everything in writing in a contract and take a 50% deposit, the balance is payable upon completion. We dont add any hidden extras like some of our competitors do. The price you are quoted is the price you will pay.

To optimise your website for your chosen keywords we work for 1 month at a time. We require the months payment in advance and then continue to work on your optimisation for the duration of the month. The work that we do continues to effect the website for long after we have stopped work. The links that we build during the course of the month continue to get found naturally by Google, and their accumulative effect works for you for as long as they remain in place. In some cases a great many years.

Where are your offices & what areas do you cover?

We are based in Southend on Sea, Essex and in East London. However we do not limit ourselves to only working within those areas, we work for companies through out the whole of the UK, and in some instances we will also work with companies abroad such as in Dubai or other places.

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