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Features of New Iraqi Dinar Notes

by ahmeddinargate2

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After witnessing tremendous changes, the new Iraqi Dinar notes are finally out for you to conduct transaction and trade with. The new notes are said to have six denominations, which are all printed in England by De La Rue. This company is renowned for having introduced the Swiss Dinars earlier, before Saddam Hussein used his own. Moreover, the new notes are said to have been printed with a lot of security features that cannot be counterfeited. Now you can buy and sell Iraqi Dinar without the fear of any scam, although it is advised to get them double checked with a proper bank.

The changes made in the Dinars involve introduction of variable currency notes of 50, 250, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 25,000. The new dinars are made with historical images that display peace and harmony among the Iraqi citizens. If you’re out to purchase or exchange new Iraqi Dinars, here’s how to check if they’re valid and not fake.

.50 Dinar Note

The front side of this note displays an image of the grain storage at Basra and the rear one has the impression of date palms, which tells that Iraq is the largest producer and exporter of dates.

.1,000 Dinar Note

According to latest Iraqi Dinar News, the note of 1,000 bears an image of gold Islamic Dinar coin which dates back to first century AD and was made in Damascus. Similarly, the back side shows the famous university in Baghdad, the Al-Mustansirya.

.250 Dinar Note

The new note of 250 dinar shows the famous astrolabe at the front side which was used pretty much by the astronomers for several researches of day and night along with other similar experiments. Spiral Minaret is shown on the backside which was the capital city of Abbasid’s empire.

.5,000 Dinar Note

Gully Ali Beg and its 2500 feet waterfall is displayed on the front side of this note along with desert fortress of Al-Ukhether, Hejira on the back.

.10,000 Dinar Note

The picture of most famous scholar Abu Ali Hasan Ibn Al-Haitham is shown at the front of this note and the rear side has the image of the famous Hadba Minaret which is located at the great Nudrid Masjid.

.25,000 Dinar Note

Finally comes, the Iraqi Dinar news on the new note of 25,000, which shows a Kurdish female farmer holding a sheaf to cut the wheat. The backside displays an ancient code, which was written by King Hammurabi when he founded the first Dynasty of Babylon.

With the expected increase in the currency value, these notes are worth an investment.

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