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G-Land Surf Guide From New Zealand

by anonymous

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Within the initially year I surfed, the 1995 Quiksilver G-Land Pro ran. Getting a 15 year old surf frothing goofy footed grommet, I dreamed of one day departing the chilly waters of Taranaki, New Zealand, and scoring the waves inside the G-Land surf.

8 years later in 2003 my dreams ultimately came to life as I made my maiden voyage to Indonesia, a should quit location for any surfer. The initial week was spent in Kuta, endlessly bargaining with shop-keepers, crazy motorbike rides to Uluwatu and Padang Padang, and eating out for so low cost!

Next cease: G-Land! ten days booked in at a surf camp there, I was around the overland van doing the overnight sojourn that took me to West Bali, across to Java around the ferry, down to Grajagan Harbour, and then a Speedboat ride across to the renowned G-Land surf.

Variable circumstances presented themselves through my keep, because it was the end on the season, late October. Regrettably just after my 2nd surf around the 1st day, food poisoning set in and I was the sickest I'd been in my complete life. two days of torture followed. Anyway, that nevertheless left a week of surfing. Around the final couple of days the legendary Speedies broke and I got a sampling of what G-Land could truly do - significant round thick barrels!

Each year right after I returned time and time again. 05 & 06 I stayed two months at a time. 05 was particularly memorable as large swell immediately after massive swell marched through and Speedies broke on a regular basis. My barrel riding skills went up ten-fold this year, and I also scored the best Speedies I have ever surfed to date, psycho 6-8ft top-to-bottom cylinders, and that was the second half of Speedies!

Now I have a job at the first and original surf camp in G-Land, and I go there in the course of the New Zealand winters to surf guide and get my share of shacks. The place I once fascinated about has become a regular part of my life, and maybe I'll catch you in the G-Land green room


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