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Advantage & Disadvantage of shipping containers use

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Like all other things, containers have advantage and disadvantages too. Although most of the containers have made from good quality of steel and other metal, but yet there are advantages and disadvantages like other things have because nothing is perfect. So read the entire article to know actually what I am trying to explain to you:


Strength and durability-

Cargo ships containers is an idealistic building material. They are configured to bear heavy loads into built in high columns. They are also designed to resist rough environments, such as on sea going vessels or sprayed with route salt while carried on roads. Due to their high durability, containers are valuable for secure warehousing.


All shipping containers are made of standard measurements and as such they allow for standard elements that can be combined into bigger body structure. This simplifies design, planning and transport. As they are already designed to interlock for ease of mobility during transportation, structural construction is completed by simply placing them. Due to the containers' modular design another construction is as easy as stacking more containers.


The welding portion and cutting of steel is known as to be specialized labor and it could surly increase construction expenses. Wooden windows and construction, attachments must be welded or drilled to the external skin, which is more time taking and requires different job site equipment.


Towing vehicles can carry your container from one place to another; moving vehicles can be hired easily at low cost.


    Used, new, modified and customized shipping containers are available easily all around in Canada.


 Container house is less expensive than making a traditional house, there is no need to worry about equipment’s workers etc. Just hire a good company and tell them your need they will build your dream house according to your suggestion.


Temperature Issue-

In case of single code Steel containers house: produces a lot of heat in summer or sunny days coz it’s made of metal while traditional house can be kept cool with air condition.


 Single coded steel conducts heat as well as know coz these are very thin layers of metal, in temperate climates, moist interior air condenses against the steel, becoming clammy. Rust will form unless the steel is well sealed and insulated.

Move to Desired Location-

 The Containers are mostly heavy in size, for move those from one place to another you need a special crane. While lumber construction materials can often be moved by hand, even to upper stories.

Use Permits-

    The steel is mostly used for industrial construction, because it is expensive metal, so if you are going to make a container house, container hotel or any onsite container office on your then please makes it sure about that place that they will have no objection on it. 

Damage Restore-

 Most of the used containers have some problems in it, like handling collisions, friction etc. To fix all these types of damage can be expensive for you.

Solvents of Containers-

 Solvents released from paint might be harmful for you; a well paint container can reduce this problem but not completely.

Above are some of the advantages and disadvantages of shipping containers one should take care of these while dealing with container.


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