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Girls Should Choose Crystal Jewelry to Wear

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Crystal is a kind of rare mineral and it is also a kind of gemstone. It has many different colors because of difference of the contained elements. There are natural crystal and manmade crystal. International originations name the natural crystal as rock crystal. Nowadays, the crystal jewelry has become one of the people’s favorite jewelry, especially the women. They are totally attracted by it.
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The crystal with different color has different names and even different functions. I don’t how much do you know about it. I’d like to introduce something simple to you. First, I will say something about the hair crystal which has a reputation of “king of crystal”. It is the most powerful among all kinds of crystal. It also includes many kinds. People of ancient Greek called it the “Cupid’s arrow”. It is useful for love and can be used to avoid the evil spirits. Next, the natural ametrine is the most popular crystal. It has the functions of both amethyst and topaz. Amethyst is regarded as “the stone of honesty” in western society. It is the symbol of sincerity and uptightness. It can also symbolize the innocence and happiness which can be given your children. Purple is a noble color which is the symbol of social status. Westerners take the topaz as “the stone of friendship”. It represents the sincere love and the beauty and cleverness. It can help people to eliminate fatigue and control the emotions. People can reestablish the self-confidence with it. Topaz is the November Birthstone. There is so much wholesale crystal jewelry including the necklace, bracelets, the rings, the earrings and the brooch and so on.
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I also want to talk about the johnstonotite. It is the Birthstone of January. It has the special function that can flourish the blood and strong the heart. Because of this function, it is suitable for the weak girl who is chill easily. What’s more, it can also enhance the self-confidence and the energy for work. It has a temperament of mystery.
The olivine also cannot be ignored. It is the Birthstone of August. The color of it is the mix of green and yellow. It can help people decrease the worry and keep calm. It is also a lucky stone and can bring good luck to people. The green light of it is the light of wealth.
Girls can choose some crystal bracelets to wear. Wholesale crystal bracelet has offered people many choices. They can find many styles that cater to their tastes.
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