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Cleaning Your Wisdom Teeth

by vilmacleghorn

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Wisdom teeth take time and effort to clean because they are located at the very back of the mouth. Without giving adequate attention, they become susceptible to tooth decay because plaque escalation takes place. Wisdom tooth restoration using crowns and fillings is hard as well. This is why you have to make certain that your wisdom teeth receive extra care from you. Regular visit to your dentist in Austin TX is one essential step.

Your dentist cleans your teeth efficiently. He has tools vital to eliminate hardened plaque in your teeth, particularly your wisdom teeth. He may also propose the application of sealants and fluoride to your teeth to save them from tooth decay. See to it that you go to him every six months.

Look for a toothbrush with angled head. This unique toothbrush design is made to get access to your wisdom teeth. Purchase the product that has a thinning end on the head because this best suits the back of your mouth. This will make it easier for you to reach and clean your wisdom tooth. Replace it every three months. If you continue using an old and worn-out toothbrush, you will load bacteria rather than make them go away.

Brush each wisdom tooth in circular motion. Begin on the inner side, move to the top and then proceed to the outer side of your wisdom tooth. Wash your mouth three times using water. This will not only wash the toothpaste off your mouth. This will also let all the particles, which you removed from your teeth, out of your mouth. Remember to brush your tongue as well. As this comes in contact with your wisdom teeth, you have to remove the germs that are in it.

You should choose floss with dental floss holder, which you can buy in drug stores. It will enable you to easily reach the back area of your mouth because it is slimmer than your fingers. Run it on both sides of each wisdom tooth (and the rest of your teeth as well) down to the gum.

Some dentists, as well as some individuals, decide to have their wisdom teeth removed regardless of their condition to prevent future dental problems. Numerous tooth doctors, however, do not agree with this. There are indications that may indicate the requirement to perform wisdom tooth removal.

First, if you feel pain or rigidity in your jaw due to an impacted wisdom tooth. Discomfort from the tooth because of its awkward position that cause it to rub against your tongue, cheek and other parts of the mouth. Crowding is also a good reason for the extraction of wisdom tooth. Your dentist will check your teeth, as well as your gums, to confirm if there’s crowding happening inside, if the wisdom tooth is impacted, if you have gum disease and many others.

Your dentist in Austin TX is always there to offer you support regarding cleaning your wisdom teeth and preventing them from suffering from tooth decay. Call him for appointment.


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