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Praia Bonita ResortIf you are planning for long férias with your family, then Brazil is the best destination for you as it can provides you with some of the most breathtaking sceneries of the world. You can even get to enjoy the rich culture and biodiversity of this amazing country. Brazil is a splendid area and almost everyone dream of visiting this place at least once in his lifetime. On your vacation to Brazil you can come across endless sightseeing spots like the mighty Amazon River, Amazon rainforest, beautiful beaches and mind blowing artifacts and architectures.

The mouth watering cuisines of Brazil vary from one region to the other. Like in the north the delicacies are quite similar to that of India while in the north-east region fruits, shellfish and sea foods form the staple form of diet. Again, in the south-east and the central west you will find beef, fish along with soya bean and rice as the main servings. In the south Brazil salt and sun dried meats are popular.

If you are a nature lover then Amazon rainforest is the perfect spot for you. The Amazon River is also one of the most thrilling beauty of this country and probably the largest river of the world. Manuus is a popular embarkation spot and the most busiest and enticing port that you can ever come across. Cruise is also a common enjoyment in Brazil and its luxurious air conditioned cabins are perfect for a long romantic drive. These cruises can also take you to the remotest parts of Brazil where you can experience the diverse rare collection of fauna and flora. You can even get a chance to meet the local tribal people who dwell in those regions.

Praia Bonita Resort one of the most popular resort in Brazil. This is one of the best and luxurious resort in brazil provides the latest amenities like food,air conditioned room, wifi facilities etc.It is a natural reserve of the nature where you can discover a huge range of spectacular waterfalls, adventurous caves and lakes. It is also the home of thousands of reptiles, fish, reptiles, mammals and invertebrates.

There are so many views and places to discover in Brazil that one surely cannot able to visit all in a single tour. But it is suggested to spend at least a few days in Rio de Janeiro as it is the most colorful and exciting city of brazil. Ipanema and Copacabana are some of the beautiful beaches that are worth visiting. There are so much to do and so many wonders to discover that it cannot be just stated in pen and paper.

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