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Agri Commodity Premium-Ncdex Market Trading Tips

by RiyaBajaj

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A commodity is any primary good that includes agricultural products, fuels, and metals, traded in plenty on an exchange. Commodities trading are a sophisticated form of investing. It is similar to stock trading but instead of buying and selling shares of companies, an investor buys and sells commodities. Like stocks, commodities are traded on exchanges where buyers and sellers can work together to either get the products they need or to make a profit from the fluctuating prices. Commodity trading is buying and selling of futures and the future options.

Types of Commodity:

Commodity can be devided into two major component i.e. MCX and Agri. In MCX trading mainly it includes trading in gold, silver, zinc, crude oil etc. whereas the Agri covers trading in all agri products like soya, wheat, dhaniya etc. Sometimes MCX trading also refer as Bullion Trading and Agri Trading refer as NCDEX Trading.

Agri Commodity:

First thing which comes in our mind that what is AgriCommodity, so it can be define as “grain, livestock, poultry, fruit, timber or any other items produced from agricultural activities. The general price level of an agricultural commodity, whether at a major terminal, port, or commodity futures exchange, is influenced by a variety of market forces that can alter the current or expected balance between supply and demand.”

There we found many types of Agri Commodity including food, milk, grain etc.  Grains include corn, wheat, oats, rice, soybeans.  Other agricultural commodities include rape seed, milk, cocoa, coffee, sugar, frozen orange juice concentrate, and cotton.  Livestock include hogs, pork bellies and cattle.  These commodities are traded in a variety of different grades and types, and there are other exchange-traded agricultural commodities.

Agricultural commodities trading have sometimes been referred to as the grandfather of all markets.  The same basic challenges have been around since the beginning of agriculture, agricultural production, vulnerable to weather, insects, disease and the like, is an inherently uncertain undertaking, and is both capital and labor intensive.  A farmer would like a guaranteed minimum return and would prefer money now over money later.  A purchaser would like to plan on a maximum price for an agricultural product now and so has an incentive to mitigate the risk of a price rise at harvest time.

While anyone start trading in Agri then they have two option. Like in MCX market there someone trade in Bullion Premium here also trade in Agri Commodity Premium. As we know tips plays very important role in trading . As we know tips save much of time of traders which is spent in front of market screen. They Can easily trade by the tips which they can get by their advisory company.

Money CapitalHeight Pvt Lmt is an stock advisory company based in indore. We are providing Tips in both Commodity and Equity for all segment. We also providing AgriCommodity Premium Tipsfor traders. We have an research team with highly experienced members who watch market all time and gives 90 to 95% accurate calls for you, so you can trade easily and earn maximum profit.

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