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Illuminate you Home

by Rosie

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A fireplace is a centerpiece fraught with sentiment, warmth and beauty. It is almost synonymous with comfort and family, illuminating every room with a decadent plume of crackling fire. If you have dreamed of the perfect, idyllic fireplace, Cantera Stone Direct has good news for you. Your dreams are well within reach. Wielding the tools and expertise necessary to transform your dreams into reality, our craftsman can meticulously carve a shapeless stone into a magnificent Limestone fireplace.

We offer a vast selection of fireplace designs. However, a significant amount of thought should go into the planning and installation for a fireplace. Before you have one installed, you should make the following considerations for the best possible results:

  • First, you should devise some sort of budgetary plan. What type of fireplace is realistic for your budget? How much are you willing to spend to materialize your dream fireplace?
  • · Once you have determined your budgetary allowances and restrictions, figure out where you want your fireplace installed. When determining this, keep a few considerations in mind-including Feng Shui, and optimizing your space the best way possible. The orientation of furniture impacts how spacious a particular room looks.
  • · Are you more concerned about aesthetics, pragmatism, or both? If you are the pragmatic type, you may prefer a simplistically designed fireplace that can efficiently heat your house. If are highly selective about your home decor, you may choose a more complex design. Either way, Cantera Stone Direct can meet your needs.
  • · How much heat would you like your fireplace to produce? Different fireplaces generate differing levels of heat.
  • · Before you finalize your design, determine its compatibility with the rest of your house. Home decor should always be harmonious, only contrasting in subtle ways. The more compatible your fireplace design is, the better the results will be.
  • · Consider the long term costs associated with owning a fireplace. After the installation is complete, you are not free of additional costs and fees. You must allocate enough money to fueling your fireplace, and paying for maintenance, as well.

Once you answer the critical questions above, you can sit back and relax while one of our shrewd and creative craftsman turns an ordinary fireplace into a work of art. On our website, you are welcome to browse a variety of different Limestone fireplace designs, which you can customize to your individual taste.


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