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Get Rid of Heavy Bleeding With MRI Guided HIFU Therapy

by lifeuninterrupted

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Being a woman is no easy. There are times when you feel so helpless. A large number of women all over the world complain about heavy bleeding during menstrual periods along with pain and cramps. The condition is prevalent among middle age women who often suffer from rise in bleeding. The reasons for it could be many. There are occasions when bleeding last for comparatively longer duration in comparison to their normal routine. Heavy bleeding is not good for the overall health of a woman. There is very possibility of suffering from anaemia and weakness.

One of the main reasons for the condition is uterine fibroids. It is a kind of tumor that possesses no risk, in most of the cases. Many women have suffered bleeding between periods because of these fibroids. The fact, however, remains that it is not detectable. It only if a woman visits the doctor for routine check-up or for heavy bleeding, the condition is diagnosed.

After completing the physical examination, your doctor will prescribe ultra-sonography to ascertain the cause of rise in bleeding. As soon as the presence of fibroid is established, doctor will begin the treatment accordingly. Initially, iron tablets and contraceptive medicines are prescribed for controlling the bleeding. In most of the cases it has been found that fibroids shrink with time. However, it is only when patient shows no improvement and size of the fibroid keeps on increasing  that doctors recommend conservative treatments such as hysterectomy and myomectomy surgery.  No matter which process you prefer, hospitalization as well as post surgery care is imperative to stay healthy.

It is apparent to fear the surgery and affects that it brings along. But there is no need for you to worry at all as there will be no scars left post the surgery. The newest method to perform the surgery is MRI Guided HIFU Therapy. It is usually performed in the outpatient department of the hospital and you have to just rest for two to three hours.

This non-surgical process is an alternative to daunting and painful traditional process. Doctors need the high quality of MRI machine in order to get clear image of the fibroids that are to be operated and for guiding the HIFU therapy technology. One of the most preferred machines is the Philip MRI Machine that can be found in several hospitals and clinics. This particular therapy has gained popularity not only because it involves less intricacies but also because it is comparatively pocket friendly.

Make sure that you consult the doctor for heavy bleeding in case it is repeated. Gone are the times when diseases were untreatable. Depending on the intensity of the symptoms, doctor will prescribe the treatment.


I am Deepak Sharma author of this article as a medical researcher here writes the article about the most common problem of causes of bleeding between periods in women which are symptoms of uterus fibroids tumors. Hence to cure this problem the new technological treatment MRI Guided HIFU Therapy by Philips MRI machine is now use commonly

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