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Heirloom seed banks are different from canned food

by dormatwalls

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The growing crisis of quality products has lead to the increase in
the number of such ideas which are committed to giving you the best and
save also the best for you. There are several plants that are now
becoming extinct with the growing imparities of environment. Thus it is
very important to at least try retrieving these plants. This can be
done by the method of heirloom seed banks.
In this method the plants are made to pollinate amongst their own
varieties only so that the offspring that is created is the best like
its ancestors. This method is now being used more and more to store the
variety of best possible seeds but this method also has many
disadvantages which are worth knowing also. The major disadvantage is
that the new varieties also have the same bad qualities as its
ancestors had and it is very much probable to have some defect or the
other in the earlier varieties also thus using this method is not
always the best one.



Seed banks
are the storage places for different seeds which need a perfect
climatic exposure which is impossible to achieve in the present
climatic scenario thus we store them in a seed bank which is made to
prevent them from any harm. The concept of this is almost similar to
that of canned food which is made in such a way that the things in it
can be stored for as much time as possible. But there are several
criticisms that canned food suffers from such as they are termed as not
fresh and they also do not contain in them required minerals but the
case with these seed kits is not the same as they are made only in such
a way that the materials stored in them are stored as they were bought
or produced. In case of canned food you require some chemical
substances which are added to it to keep them as fresh as before.
Actually to avoid rotting they are added but this in turn damages the
contents of the can only. This is not the case with these kits that are
made airtight in nature. Moreover it is very difficult to get hold of
green vegetables or fruits in the world in many places thus people can
opt for these seeds that can be stored for a time being also and in the
mean time they do not lose their nutrient content also. One more thing
which is very important to know is that the varieties should be non-GMO
seeds. Non GMO implies those varieties that are not modified at all
genetically. It is often done in order to create the best from the lot
of average seeds but the efforts go completely in the wrong way if the
seeds lose their nutrients also in the process of addition of the
additional minerals. Thus the preference for non-GMO is increasing over
night. They were done in the beginning to raise the amount of seeds but
in the due course they did damage the quality of seeds.

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