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What Really Is Metal Art?

by anonymous

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When people talk of metal art they wrongly assume that it simply consists of artifacts made from wrought iron. They are way off the mark.

Metal art is a very broad term and encompasses a wide variety of items, ranging from jewelry, furniture, metal sculptures and of course wall hangings of every conceivable shape and size. Why even a specially designed car can be called a piece of metal art.

Metal art has been refined with the use of modern technology and better and more precise machines, but it would not be wrong to say that the primitive men, who designed tools for hunting and chopping wood, were the first metal craftsmen. The only difference between them and the modern era craftsmen is that their products were more inclined towards functionality and practicality whilst the current generation of artists pays greater emphasis on appearance and aesthetics.

Metal art may be functional or simply created for the purpose of décor - art that falls in the former category includes clocks, mirrors, shelves and picture frames, whilst the latter is composed of pieces made entirely with the intention of decorating up a space.

The main metal that is used in the making of these products is wrought iron, though with the increasing popularity and demand for these products steel and aluminum is also being used - these metals being lighter in weight, make the items more affordable and easier to handle.

Wrought iron is more expensive because the decorative shapes are worked by hand, making each piece unique and distinctive. Since each is handcrafted it takes longer to produce and all this adds to the overall cost. On the other hand cast iron and steel are conducive to manufacturing on machines and also can be made to look like the real thing.

Metal wall décor is exceptionally beautiful and the stunning shapes are made by various processes that include cutting, molding, hammering and joining with other metals. The technique of casting of molten metal, results in stunning forms and sizes that leave the viewer gaping with awe and amazement.

Unlike music and painting where the individual is the sole creator, metal art also involves the process of manufacturing, which brings to life the creativity and design of the metal artists. Moreover, the painter only needs color, a palette and a canvas to give wings to his vision, whereas a metal artist has to invest considerably in equipment that can be bulky and expensive. He will also need to invest in a bigger space to work and store his equipment.

If looked after and maintained with diligence and care, metal art pieces will last for generations - all that is required is that dust, grime, stains and dirt should be regularly dusted from the metal's surface. Excavations from archeological sites have dug out metal artifacts dating back to 7000 BC that are still in good condition.

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