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Monogram Necklace for Whimsy

by anonymous

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No one gets tired of receiving jewelry as a gift. It will always be a wonderful choice for your mother, sister, grandmother, girlfriend, wife or daughter. The great thing about jewelry is that there is a great variety of it to choose from. You can buy bracelets, rings, earrings or necklaces in many styles and price ranges. Another thing that makes jewelry a no-brainer of a gift is that it can be personalized and so, not a no-brainer at all. Buy her a personalized piece of jewelry, like a monogram necklace, or a name necklace and she will love it and treasure it because it is unique and was created just for her. She will also love the amount of thought and effort that you put into buying a necklace created to be hers.

But don’t just pick up any piece of stock jewelry from the store. Those are the ones that are all exactly the same, but have a different name or, for a monogram necklace, initial on them. A name necklace that is custom made is best because it will be more personal. If you are going with something that has her whole name on it, it is important that the name is spelled right. Many people have names that don’t conform to the expected spelling. You can also personalize the style of the writing that the necklace is written in. Choose a font that shows her personality - a lively and fun style, or one that is elegant and sophisticated. Perhaps one that shows her to be serious and bookish. There will be a style for her among the selection. Another way of personalizing the necklace is to add an extra something to the name, like a birthstone gem, or a design such as a heart or musical symbol to show what she enjoys.

A monogram necklace is one that shows her initials intertwined together. Monograms usually include the first initial on the right, the middle initial on the left and the initial of the last name or married name in the center. Monograms were traditionally used as a sign of wealth and elegance. They showed that the person came from a fine and respected family. Monograms were found on jewelry, such as monogram necklaces and rings, or household objects such as handkerchiefs, table cloths and even china and flatware. Wearing such a piece of jewelry is a way of celebrating our family and the feeling of belonging and love that we have with them. That’s why the monogram makes such a lovely, thoughtful gift.

A name necklace is a great gift for a girlfriend or for a younger child on her birthday. Buy one for mom on Mother’s Day to make them feel special. For a more formal occasion, like a 16th birthday or a graduation, a monogram necklace is a great coming of age gift. As a wedding present to welcome your bride into her new family, consider a monogram necklace with your initials joined together. You won’t go wrong with either. helps you find the right monogram necklace ( ) and personalized jewelry of your choice. For the dos and don’ts when you are selling your jewelry to shops, you may also visit

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