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Role of the Client and Riverside Attorney for Accidents

by advinrosa

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Both the client and the lawyer should do a lot of things in order to effectively win the case of personal injury.

If anyone has suffered a personal injury it is important to consult the doctor first than contacting the lawyer. A doctor's detailed write-up of the various injuries will stand-up against any defense, will provide the judge with a solid basis for establishing monetary damages, and may help to prove injuries difficult to demonstrate with pictures. What’s the lesson? The lesson is that if the person is hurt, and someone else was at fault - seek medical attention. If the person is in a car wreck, he or she will call the police to document the property damage, and he or she will see the doctor to document the physical injuries. The later part comes the hiring of the Riverside attorney for accidents.

This is important in every type of case one might take to small claims court, but in personal injury cases it is critical! Don’t forget - if the other guy’s really at fault, he’ll be paying the medical bills, too. And besides seeing a doctor might be a pretty smart idea. That’s what one mother would have told him or her to do. She’s a smart lady. So follow her advice. Speaking of pictures, they are an outstanding alternate way to document the injuries; in fact, the smartest Plaintiff’s would bring both medical records and pictures to Court. Once again, this is true in every kind of case: one should take pictures of the damage car and the leak in the ceiling that the landlord won’t fix, too. But in medical cases of personal injury, a picture speaks more than a thousand words; a million is closer to the truth. Remember that bruises fade and cuts heal. Immediately after the injury, have pictures taken to demonstrate the damages.

There is another reason to have photographic evidence, too: pictures carry an emotional impact like no other piece of evidence. And judges are human - they are moved by emotion. If one has been brutally assaulted and he or she is seeking damages from the punks (hopefully they’ve already been criminally prosecuted!), the pictures of his or her black eyes and busted lip may lead the judge to come down even harder on the attackers. Take pictures! Remember that simply being injured, even if expensive medical care is required, does not necessarily mean one have a legitimate case. In fact Riverside attorney for accidents could only help the client if he or she has all the proper evidence and if the case is genuine.

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