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No Recognition Given To Unmarried Fathers Rights by US Law

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A mother keeps a baby for 9 months in her womb. Her life is entwined with the unborn baby in such a manner that even her thoughts tend to effect the growth of the baby. Does this relationship stand above the relationship a child has with his father? Is a father devoid of love for his children? Has he not spent anxious hours holding his breath for the delivery of his baby? The law in US is more dubious for unmarried fathers rights.  The entire custody of the child is then given to the mother without consulting the father or his want to contribute for his kid’s welfare.

The nation that speaks so firmly of equality and liberty fails to pertain to these norms when it comes to unmarried fathers rights. They are rarely given sole custody of the children and child visitation rights because the mother reacts so negatively that the case ends up in a court. By denying father’s visitation rights the court is regenerating the stereotypical notion that fathers are not interested in the upbringing of the child or has no concern over his welfare. Every child needs the care of both mother and father and stealing away father’s right to contribute towards his child’s development can leave a negative impact on his psychology.

Married couples are recognized in the eyes of law and therefore can contest for children custody. If a baby is conceived out of wedlock the mother is given the sole custody. In most cases the father is not even informed of his progeny, the only time a father is contacted is for financial support. In a modern world like ours there are many unmarried fathers who want to hold their child in their arms, teach them how to fish, go to their rehearsals and wish that someday their child will grow up to be like them. They don’t wish that their child should despise them because of a bitter separation from the mother. Just because a relationship could not work between the father and the mother, it doesn’t mean that a child should be the victim of such a scenario.

Some vicious mothers who have lived as family with the unmarried father and conceived a child can deny child visitation rights to the father if he decides to part ways. This may be considered cruel and immoral but it is how the law operates for unmarried fathers. The most important factor in proving the legality of the parentage is the father’s name on the child’s birth certificate. A DNA test should be finished prior to the filing of the legitimating petition.  This will give you some advantage of proving that the child is inherently yours and you should be given child visitation rights. Procuring the sole custody of a child by fathers who are not married is something of a miracle in US. It is not only unheard of but also poses great difficulties from the mother’s end. If the mother is proved to be unsound of mind or an irresponsible parent only then does the court may grant legal custody of the children to the father.   


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Alick Anderson is experienced lawyer and has several years of experience in father’s rights and child support modification. He writes articles on father’s rights, Child Visitation Rights and Unmarried Fathers Rights.



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