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Remote Control Technology with Driver Authorization Systems

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Remote control technology is become an important part of industrial automation. Driver authorization bulk truck theft systems are special segment in industrial sector. The system is specially manufactured for commercial vehicles and machinery. The system protects the vehicle from unauthorized engine start or movement depending on the customer’s application. Driver authorization truck theft system has some special features that include:

1. The system is included with keypad unit with hidden enclosure screws.

2. The device has sealed parking brake low pressure switch with DOT quick connect T fitting

3. At the same the system has sealed engine kill relay

4. DAS has user friendly installation guide. It will help you to know about the system properly.

5. Components are pre-wired with quick connect electrical and air line fittings supplied. Trucks with existing parking brake air pressure switches and engine kill relays that may be able to use some of these components. Contact BASE to confirm.

Driver authorization system is disarmed by entering a three to nine digit ID code into the keypad. This code is selected by the truck owner and is programmed into the unit using a 'master code' assigned to the truck owner. The systems are available with up to three levels of administrative master codes. Basically the entry of a master code is required to change the driver's authorization code.

Now a typical organization will provide these master codes to key management as required. So each level of master code erases the ID code directly below it and sets the device into a 'learning state' where it is waiting for a new code to be entered.

If an incorrect ID code is entered more than five times this remote control technology system will automatically 'lock out' for ten minutes before allowing additional code entry. The LED indicators show red for system armed, green for system disarmed, flashing red for auto shut down, flashing green for changing Id codes, and alternating green and red flashing for system lock out due to multiple incorrect code entry.

There are some models of driver authorization system. These are quite for industrial truck system.

Model DAS1000IGN:

It prevents unauthorized engine start. System is armed automatically each time the key is turned off. Entry of correct user code disarms system and allows engine to be started. Used on all types of vehicles and equipment.

Model DAS1000AT:

The system prevents unauthorized vehicle movement on vehicles with automatic transmissions. System arms automatically when shifting transmission into park. Shifting the vehicle into drive without entering a valid user ID causes engine to stall. Entry of correct code disarms system and allows engine start. Well suited for any vehicle that needs to be left unattended with engine running.

Model DAS1000AB:

Same as above but system is armed with application of truck parking brake. It requires vehicle be equipped with air brakes. Releasing the parking brake without entering a valid ID code will cause the engine to stall. Entering a valid ID code disarms the system and allows engine start. Well suited for large trucks with air brakes and engines that need to be left running while the vehicle is unattended.

BASE Engineering offers excellent remote control technology for different engineering and commercial purposes. Since 1996 over 50,000 BASE systems have been employed around the globe to increase job
safety and productivity. We design industrial remote control for industrial petroleum, propane, LPG, Anhydrous Ammonia, and Butane bulk transports.

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