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Use Proper Dish Brushes And Let Your Utensils Sparkle

by swethar

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Tired of looking at the pile of dirty dishes littering your sink? No worries, you can clean up the entire lot with the aid of dish brushes. The brushes are designed according to your need and you get the additional benefit of having squeaky clean, bacteria free dishware in your kitchen, which are safe to reuse again and again.

You might get perplexed on being presented with several choices at first. Checking out your kitchen and gauging your needs is the first thing that you must do. The sales person or the website from which you order your brush might not have any idea of your needs. So you need to educate them about it. That done, you will be presented with a variety of brushes again! However, choosing between them is thankfully easy now, as you already know what you want.

You are happy to depend on technology for every other aspect of your life. So, why not do it for dishwashing brushes too? Opting for the micro pearl technology aided brush is an added bonus. You do get the bristle on bristle effect which happens to get rid of all the dirt and food particles from your dirty dishes in no time at all.

It would also be wise to purchase 2-3 different types of such brushes. Your dishes are not shaped evenly, nor are they of the same size. Using the brush type most suited for a particular shape makes sense indeed! The radial brushes are ideal for cleaning tall glasses and bottles as they can reach deep into the interior and scrub away the dirty marks. The round headed brush can serve equally well for the flat surfaces which include dinner plates, saucers and trays. The tough nylon bristles on the brushes take care of stubborn particles that tend to stick in the remotest corner of your utensils. The rectangular brush, on the other hand, can also be used on a variety of dishes provided they are not too deep. Scrubbing the edges of geometrical dishes will not be a problem anymore once you are armed with these brushes.

Opting for a short handled brush that fits snugly within your palms is an added advantage too. You get to clean out every tell-tale mark from the dirty dishes, be it curry stains or burnt pudding. Scrubbing closely helps you to monitor the cleaning process better and you are guaranteed of a sparkling dish once you are done with the final rinse with water.

It is important to buy the dish brushes as well as the scrub brushes that you need, well in advance. Storing them is not going to be a problem either. Hanging them in your kitchen neatly will ensure that they remain dry and are within your easy reach, every time you need to clear the kitchen of dirty dishes.

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