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The clothing that blurred the line between men and women

by dressspace

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Clothes of different kinds keep coming into the market and then soon fade into oblivion. For instance, remember those bellbottoms which were quite a rage during the 70s and 80s but soon disappeared over the years. Though bellbottoms are still in vogue, but the present day reputation pales before its old popularity. However, if there is one piece of clothing which never goes out of fashion then that is the Italian jeans! Jeans offer the kind of comfort which no other garment can offer. Men may slip into trousers when they need to attend offices and formal events, but they always prefer jeans when they have to go for dates or casual hangouts!


Even women are reeling under the spell of Italian denim. Even though, jeans are garments which were more of a man’s stuff, they have been able to change the tradition over the decades. If you cast a glance back into the bygone era of the 19th and 20th century, then you would remember that women used to wear garments which were traditionally meant for them! Thus, they were more comfortable in skirts and gowns and it was even unthinkable of them to slip into anything which was considered manly.


But jeans arrived to rewrite history! It wouldn’t be wrong to say that jeans blurred, almost erased, the thick line between a man’s clothing and a woman’s clothing! Now, Italian jeans are worn with equal fervor by both men and women. This has even put the designers under pressure since now they are required to bring out products which can satisfy both the sexes.


Denims are now being churned out to satisfy the two genders exclusively. Thus, we have separate jeans for the males and separate ones for the females. However, one can still spot a pair which can be worn as comfortably by women as by men. Like explained before, the line between the two sexes has got incredibly blurred after the arrival of this garment.


Besides, Italian jeans are definitely very comforting. One can say that they are like the lengthier version of the comfy shorts. While shorts offer the highest amount of comfort during hot summer days, one cannot wear it on all occasions. You can certainly wear shorts when you are at home or when you are strolling by the beaches, but to attend more sophisticated venues, you have got to wear something more decent! Hence, jeans come as the perfect alternative. They are decent, they cover the skin, they look good and they can be worn in all kinds of events and at all places. In fact, at times, people even wear it to the office, provided that the boss is a liberal man and the office is not a deeply pedantic place!


Currently, different styles and lengths of jeans have invaded the market. So, even as a regular shopper, you have plenty of new, undiscovered choices before you!


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