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Shahram Shahramian- the man who defines Iranian prime time.

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The salt and pepper hair, a sharp jawline, hawk eyes to capture what is in front and to analyse what is hidden, dressed smartly in a formal suit, Shahram Shahramian is the icon of Iranian television anchors.

The man’s intelligence is unmistakable, as he sharply processed the news that comes in, presents it in front of the audience and then provides his point of view. Because journalists always believe that one must objective and present news fairly and to the point. Hence Shahram makes sure that his news and views aren’t mixed by the audience.

Prime time news, telecast at 7 pm, is presented by Shahram Shahramian, every day, without fail. And then the 10 pm bulletin is also presented by him. The Sunday show which is telecast at 8 pm is the special show after a week full of regular and boring news. Shahram Shahramian would invite guests over. The likes of Dariush, who is one of the most popular Iranian pop singer, have been to the show, on Ten Tv News. He had a blast on the show and was a laugh riot throughout the show. Shahram Shahramian also grills the politicians with as much ease as he jives to the music by Dariush. When Moridi came, he asked a few certain tough questions, because it’s the responsibility of the media to question the intentions of the politicians who are supposed to take care of the public interest at large.

Despite being in his fifties, Shahram Shahramian is a man who likes to keep up with the latest happenings all over the world. Also he is very tech savvy. He has his own website called where he regularly posts the recently aired episode for the benefit of the people who have missed it or would want to see a repeat since they liked the episode so much. Not just this. He also has a lot of followers on twitter and fan page on Facebook. So for all old and new Shahram Shahramian fans, you know where to find him.

Shahram Shahramian,

News Director and Primary Anchor of TEN TV

Tel: 647-938-7328


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