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New Kite Surfing Equipment Essex

by jessicasa

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To my massive surprise, the mean age of the people that were kitesurfing was closer to 40 than twenty. There were as well as a few men in their fifties as well as some young girls cruising on the water, as was the most natural thing to do!To watch kitesurfing from a near distance was an experience in itself, it looked amazing! I thought to myself that I desired to do that as well, even if it would mean some pain for my poor body.

Naive as I am, I asked my friend's dad if I could borrow his equipment, to try surfing for a short time, but was told that borrowing someone's equipment was out of query until I attended a Kite Surfing Schools. Later on, after the, I spotted that lending your kite to somebody is something that you would not do, unless the borrower is a pro. It is like lending your new automobile to somebody that took their driving license. Anyway, I booked a kitesurfing  I stood on the beach with a trainer kite already the week after. The trainer kite, a small foil kite of about two.5 square meters endured my initially harsh treatment, but it didn't take long before my brain understood to pilot the kite like a bicycle & not like a automobile. To turn right, pull your right arm towards you & extend your left arm. To turn left, basically do the opposite. Piece of cake!

It didn't take long before I got my own Kite Surfing Equipment. My new toys constituted of Slingshot RPM 12m kite, Cabrinha Crossbow 9m kite & a Navis Board, and harness & wetsuit. For the first time I was about to enter the water all alone without the security of knowing that the instructor was there to rescue me in the likely case that I would screw up things! The feeling jogged my memory about the day when I had taken my driving license & drove all alone for the first time in my life, a fear mixed with delight! With some assistance I managed to get the kite in the air & slowly moved out in to the water to one time more experience kitesurfing.

Half expecting to abruptly finish my kitesurfing career, three years later I have the pleasure to announce that my body is at its physical peak! I kitesurf on average 2-3 times a week & still cannot think that at this age I have found a sport that is not only great fun but is also like balm for body & mind! So all you elderly farts out there who yearn for an activity that does not lead to arthritis or sore ligaments, check out kitesurfing, you will certainly not regret it! Unlike most other sports kitesurfing is a sport where you litterally play with the nature's forces. Utilizing the wind to power up a kite in order to be able to surf on the water is fun & thrilling, but also hazardous.

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