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Business Continuity and Data Recovery for LA Companies

by rubybadcoe

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Disaster recovery and business continuity are two terms that should go together for a company to survive and keep operations running. Although there is no perfect and sure way to protect your business, having a plan increases its chances of survival. If you're interested in creating contingency plans, you can contact services that offer business data recovery in Los Angeles, a city filled with diverse enterprises. Here are a few bases that should be covered for a quick disaster recovery:

Business Continuity

Although it may seem time consuming and expensive, planning for a disaster is essential if you want your business to recover quickly after disasters occur. A disaster recovery plan is a set of procedures, protocols, and policies that would help bring your business back to its feet rather than halt operations and wait for instructions.

Tiers of Procedures

An effective plan would have different tiers depending on the level of disruption the disaster has caused. Since some problems like human or computer errors may be fixed in a jiffy, you might not need plans that would drastically change your operations all of a sudden. However, for natural calamities like storms, earthquakes, and floods, you should have contingency plans that would suffice for a longer period.

Off-site Facility

One way to secure operations during or after disasters is to have off-site facilities that are far from your base or headquarters. These facilities should have a complete backup of your data in order to resume a smooth operation. It should have complete equipment like servers, computers, and multiple communication lines.

Trained Personnel

Having a list of employees assigned to respond to the disaster is also imperative for a quicker recovery. These employees will be responsible in running the off-site facility, and should be able to continue operations even with limited manpower. Backup personnel should also be on-hand in case in those assigned are not able to respond; and should be given the same training. .

There is no definite way of protecting your business from any disaster. However, being ready is important to keep the business running. Contact a Los Angeles data recovery and business continuity expert, and find out what options you have. To know more about how disaster planning works, visit the following links: and

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