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Windows Reseller Hosting –Set Up A Lucrative Business

by leoturpin61

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The idea of starting a Windows reseller hosting business for Indian websites is a very good one because it will enable you to earn a great deal of money. There is an explosion in the number of India based web businesses. You can get to be a web host providing hosting services to a large number of small businesses who need websites of their own but cannot afford to get a dedicated server. If you are already a web designer then you can offer domain registration and web hosting as an added value addition to your services. A shared Windows server hosting package permits you to host many websites with a great deal of ease without having to spend a great deal of money.

Your Windows shared hosting business depends on how you are able to meet the needs of your customers and not just on your ability to attract customers. Customers look for a variety of features when they choose a particular web hosting service. For one, they look for feature rich hosting accounts that enable them to customize and use their websites in the maximum possible ways. Since your hosting clients will most probably be small businesses, they will be looking for the maximum possible value for money.

Clients will also be looking for a shared hosting site that is very reliable since their businesses will suffer if the website is unavailable because the server crashes. They also want to have someone to contact in case they have technical problems. Therefore you need to buy a Windows hosting package from a company that offers excellent technical support. Your reseller hosting package should offer you a very user friendly interface so that you can manage all the websites you are hosting with a great deal of ease.

Linux reseller hosting is undoubtedly very popular with customers but this platform comes with many disadvantages when compared to a Windows platform. Even so, you should do a detailed study of Windows vs. Linux hosting before you decide on any one of them. Windows hosting is getting to be very popular these days because many websites run on Windows applications. In fact, more and more customers ask for Windows hosting even though it costs more than Linux which is after all based on open source software.

Be sure to buy a reseller account that has sufficient disk space so that you can provide good hosting services. You should also be allotted plenty of bandwidth at a very reasonable price. Your Windows reseller hosting and domain registration India business will enable you to earn a lot of money as long as you start off on the right foot by choosing the correct package.


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