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In Chattanooga Sports Injuries Are Diagnosed And Treated

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In Chattanooga sports injuries are diagnosed, treated and cured by podiatrists who offer medication, treatment through prescription drugs and surgery and post care therapy as a comprehensive package of healing process.

The human foot is a complex structure that needs equal care and attention as any other part of the human body. There are 26 bones in the foot along with nerves, muscles, blood vessels and ligaments that work in harmony to create balance and mobility to the body. This body part has a total of 52 bones on 2 feet add up to a quarter of all bones existing in the human body. Hence proper attention has to be paid if there are any issues concerning the lower extremities. Podiatrists or foot doctors diagnose treat disorders, diseases and accidental or sports injuries. In Chattanooga podiatrists and orthopedists work towards revival of strength in the affected foot with proper treatment, surgery and post surgical care.

The human foot and ankle is incredibly complex in its structure and function. The ankle is the foundation, shock absorber and driving force for a forward motion. The foot can take a lot of pressure like several tons over the course of a one mile run. It has a quarter of the body bones and offers flexibility and resiliency. Over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments work in union with the bones that hold the body structure to provide support mobility and balance. An athlete causes extra pressure and strain on lower limbs that can lead to a range of sports injuries like blisters, sprained ankles, torn ligaments, knee pain, shin splints, back pain and joint pains. The athlete’s running style, footwork at play, poor footwear may be some of the major contributors to sports injuries.

Chattanooga Sports Injuries in the lower extremities can be treated operated and cured completely with therapy and rehabilitation programs offered in post surgical sessions. Therapeutic exercises are applied to strengthen lower leg and intrinsic foot muscles that can improve gait pattern. Functional exercises are tailored for performing different activities. Self managed education for patients are therapeutic sessions to prevent the chances of recurrence. Sports podiatrists specialize in managing and diagnosing ankle, foot, lower leg disorders by assessments on walking, running and sitting postures to investigate lower limb functions with technical gait analysis. Aches and pains may be directly or indirectly related to sports injuries.
Some of the symptoms are like jaw pain, Bell’s palsy, groin pain, hip pain, thigh muscle strain, jumper’s knee, shin splints, sprained ankle and foot problems. Physiotherapists have specialized knowledge in activating body parts specifically for certain sports in case of sports injuries. In Chattanooga podiatrists professionally treat any foot and ankle symptoms for general and sports people. So if a patient has a passion for rugby, football, soccer, hockey, tennis, basketball running, dancing and martial arts has to understand the biomechanics of body application and long lasting solution to cure pain.

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